BSA-2 Deluxe Snap-In Vent

Our Vents Prevent Condensation & Mildew

BSA-2 Deluxe Snap-In Vent

The BSA-2 Deluxe Snap-In Vent creates airflow that helps prevent heat buildup, dampness, mildew, and odors. Its installation requires no sewing, hardware, adhesives, or special tools. Our patented design makes this the ideal boat cover vent, and it can also be used with flexible canvas tents and plastic covers for campers. Wherever you use a tarpaulin cover, you can use this snap-in vent. It is seal-sealing and self-adjusting.

Protect Your Investment

You can easily install this vent for maximum venting in areas where rising heat and dampness prevail. It installs in seconds without the aid of hardware or adhesives. It simply snaps into place with an assured watertight seal. It automatically self-adjusts to fit any material up to 1/8" thick. The hood rotates 360º and can be detached before storing your tarps and tents.

Lightweight & Durable

The BSA-2 Deluxe Snap-In Vent is made from resilient, non-corrosive plastic. This makes it durable. It's also lightweight, which makes it suitable for many applications. It has a low profile, a 3" diameter opening, and the hood is removable.

BSA-2 Deluxe Snap-In Vent Infographic

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