BLV-1 Louver Vent

Proper Ventilation for Shrink-Wrapped Pallets

BLV-1 Louver Vent

The BLV-1 Louver Vent was designed for use with plastic shrink-film coverings. It eliminates condensation and mildew caused by heat buildup and trapped moisture by ensuring proper airflow. This adhesive louver vent offers simple installation, and no special tools are required. It is a press-on vent with a high-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive liner that meets military specs.

Strong Bonding

The BLV-1 Louver Vent is guaranteed to stick to plastic, painted, and metal surfaces. It offers strong bonding in all weather and wind conditions. This model has a low, aerodynamic profile, and it's UV stabilized to protect it from the sun. The BLV-1 Louver Vent can be used in temperatures from -40ºF to 150ºF, and its all-plastic construction keeps it lightweight and durable.

Keep Water Out

Our adhesive louver vent can be installed in the areas of your flexible covering where water may pool. It can handle water up to 1/3" deep and still maintain its watertight seal. The vent has a diameter of 4" and a height of 1-1/4".

Louver Vent Infographic


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