About Our Vents

Airlette ventilation systems are the perfect answer to providing airflow inside flexible protective coverings. Customers use our vents to prevent temperature, condensation, and mildew problems that can occur under protective covers and shrink wrap.

Let Your Covers Really BREATHE!

Used in many consumer, industrial and military applications, Airlette vents are: 

  •  The industry standard with manufacturers of new boats. Applied to plastic shrink-wrap shipping covers, Airlette vents ensure fresh, clean delivery of boating products to marine dealers around the world.
  • Our vents can be applied to boat trailer covers and winter storage boat covers to allow positive airflow to the interior.
  • Used in temporary silos to protect grain from hazardous heat and dust build-up and mildew.
  • Military tested and approved for use in all climates and global environments. Our vents are approved by domestic and foreign governments, which use our vents in the storage and shipment of military hardware and aircraft. The Canadian government considers our vents to be excellent for allowing circulation of fresh air within a closed tent, helping to ensure a healthier living space for the occupants.
  • Applied globally to shrink-wrapped, palletized goods and products for both transit and storage.

About Us

The Airlette Manufacturing Corporation is a leading vent manufacturer based in Lantana, Florida. We are a family-owned business, registered in Florida in 1979 by Frank Jarnot. We have been manufacturing our high-quality vent products exclusively in the USA for nearly 40 years. Our products are patented in both the USA and Canada in conjunction with registered trademarks. Airlette vents are fully guaranteed for the life of your tarp or covering.

For questions or comments, please contact our sales team at sales@airlette.com.

All our vent products are unconditionally GUARANTEED.


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