Manufacturers of specialized ventilation systems for all flexible protective coverings


Airlette innovative vents are utilized in many industries, and are approved by both domestic and foreign governments for various military applications.

These unique vents and accessories are a standard among many new boat manufacturers who apply these venting systems to plastic (shrink wrap) shipping covers which insures a fresh/clean delivery of their products to marine dealers throughout the world. They are also utilized by mid-west farmers in temporary grain silos to protect the grain from damaging heat/mildew, as well as applied to boat trailer covers and winter storage boat coverings for positive air flow to the interior. Various military orginizations also utilize these vents in the storage/shipment of military hardware and aircraft. (Note: These vents have been tested and approved for use in all climate/tempature environments.)

These patented venting products are specifically designed for application with all flexible covering materials as a convenient means to control HEAT BUILD-UPCONDENSATION, and MILDEW problems which normally occur within temporary shelters or enclosures. The Canadian government also considers these venting systems as an excellent means for added OXYGEN and dissipating CARBON DIOXIDE levels within a "closed" tent, to further ensure the health of the occupants therein. (Note: CARBON DIOXIDE CAN BE EXTREMELY HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH, AND CAN BE LETHAL AT HIGH LEVELS!.......... Carbon Dioxide is exhaled with your every breath.)

The "AIRLETTE" Brand has been a standard in industry for over three decades, and is considered to be the leader in venting systems for temporary shelters and sheltering covers.

All Airlette products are unconditionally guaranteed, and boast a "zero" defect record for over three decades of production and delivery of it's products.